Here's the thing...

My hands are beautiful. Aside from some gross nail-biting habits, they are pretty gorgeous. They are milky white and smooth and just adorable. They're a lot like Kate Upton. But here's the thing, I don't want them to be. Since I was a kid all of my hobbies and interests were passive. I love listening to music, I love watching movies, I like reading books. Thankfully later on I started to become involved in active interests. I love to make music, I love making movies, I like talking about reading books. Still, there is nothing that has me creating something from nothing with my adorable little hands. My hands have never seen a real hard days work. The closest I get is when my finger tips hurt from typing, which now that I am thinking about it has never even happened. My hands have had it pretty easy.

All of that needs to change. I am now reading (and now talking about reading) the book Back to Basics and learning about all the things my Grandpa knew how to do. All the things I should know how to do. All the things that will get my hands to make some things from no-things. I want my hands to look like Micky Rourke's jowls. This video illustrates my hand's future.