This is the new spot, I guess. The radio site will be up soon and have a link to this page. For now, I'm working on about four pretty huge projects which will, in time, be available for viewing, listening right here on this site. They are, in no order of importance or expected finish date:

1. Jolly Molly- New Album: If you know me at all, you may know that for quite some time now I have been working on wrapping up a newJM album. This album started as soon as The Twenty-First was released a couple years ago. Since then Greg, Joe and I have been writing and demoing songs and trying to pick out the right ones. As of today we have narrowed down the, close to, 100 songs to about 12. 
We recorded most of the album at TSA with Aaron Pickens of Phantasmogoria, in the first days of 2008. After two days of tracking we moved on to The Beck's Grandmothers house to do most of the piano on the album. This might have been the best day of recording, just being out in the middle of nowhere and attempting to figure out how in the hell to record in a place not designed for it was, above all else, curious. After that we took about a week off to compose ourselves for the big trip. In Mid-January, we set off for New York, to record more guitars and ALL vocals at my place in POK. We spent a week in that 'studio' adding layers and doing what i now call 'semi-mixes'. After all was sung and done I gave the discs to the beck bros and they headed back for Toledo to drop them BACK off to AP.
After weeks of mixing and tweaking, AP finally sent us the rough mixes and guys I got to tell you, it is by far, one of the best projects I have ever participated in. Even the rough mixes sound exactly like I wanted. For now we have handed them off to the talented hands of Travis Knepper over at Studio In The Woods, and patiently wait for the next step in the album making process. 

2. This is a secret project.

3. When I was in high school I somehow accidently came across a cd at the store, and through nothing other than curiosity, I bought it. From the first time I put it in and put the headphones on I knew that this was something special I had found. Since that day, I have watched as this band made all the right decisions, and now I am lucky enough to be part of that history. Not too long ago, I was asked to do a music video forWHEAT, yeah. Wheat. Per Second, Wheat. Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy, Wheat. That Wheat. I have the concept and the means by which to execute it, but am still looking for the time to really get into it. You can bet that it will be up here as soon as its done. I am very excited. 

4. The Mid-West is probably one of the most exceptional places for new and exciting music. From rock to jazz to hip hop. I have chosen this area as a focal point for my senior project here at Marist. I will be documenting the reasons why certain artists refuse to give up in a place that gets no recognition from the main stream media. Flow, is a man who will not be stopped. From the day I met him, I knew there was something different about this kid, and judging from the amount he has progressed over the past four years I know he will be up there with the greats. I am coming to toledo on halloween to start filming. So if you want to be in a documentary, hit me up.

I'll be using this area to keep myself, and you, up to date on all these projects.