Welcome Back Kotter


I missed you.


If this were really Welcome Back Kotter, I would be Vinny and you would be Mr. Woodman. Wait, or am I Mr. Woodman? Who was Juan? Boom Boom! Welcome everyone to the new Hello Dylan Wise site. Here is where (here is where?... good to know I'm still not good at talking/writing) I will be posting everything. All the new episodes of Tell Me Something I Want To Hear, all of the posts from The Projection List and all of the things in between.


It's been a long 5 months since the last TMSIWTH show. A lot has changed. I grew a beard. I shaved. I did this a couple times. I started a new blog called The Project List, that I hope will channel some of my obsessive behaviors in movie theaters more positively. I moved to beautiful Brighton, MA and got a new job that seems to be more in my wheelhouse. I started using the term 'wheelhouse'. Yes, a lot has changed.


I'm really excited to start TMSIWTH back up and have some pretty great guests planned for season 3, and one douche bag. The internet is a crazy thing. I joined twitter, started a podcast, I'm using Four Square for some reason. I think I have almost all the bases covered except a profile on something called Myspace. Ramble. Gamble. Gumble. Gum ball.


I think I've made my point. Welcome back to you, and also to me.