52 Weeks with MoviePass- No. 2

When I was a kid children's movies weren't good. The Sandlot, 3 Ninjas and Little Giants were probably the three I watched the most. I think it's safe to say that my parents didn't enjoy these films. But I did. During the summer when most kids were outside making forts and scraping their elbows I was inside making pepper bombs out of napkins like Rocky from 3 Ninjas (although most people who knew me back then would find me to be more of a Tum Tum). When my Mom would hear that Touchtone theme song from the kitchen she would yell "The Ninja kids again?" I can't help it. I like what I like, even if what I like is childish garbage. Most of those films that I drooled over as a kid don't really hold up. So where I am confused is when did kid's movies become so great?

During my first week with MoviePass I went a little overboard. I tend to do that a lot with things. I get a little obsessive and I get a little compulsive and sometimes I watch the first five season of Lost in just under two months. Sure, I guess this could be viewed as 'commitment' but ultimately we all know it's 'weird'. In that first week I saw a movie everyday, movies I had been putting off seeing. The first night I went with my fiance to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, in retrospect not a very good 'date night' movie. But we loved it. David Fincher has been one of my favorite people since Se7en, and going into a movie that was previously a book and a movie can be a little daunting. It didn't disappoint. The next day I went and saw The Artist which if you haven't seen is one of the most charming and moving films I have seen in a very long time. That weekend I went on Saturday afternoon to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Such a great movie, dark and cold with perfect pace. But, the best film I saw my first week with MoviePass was The Adventures of Tintin.

I haven't had that feeling in a theater for awhile. It reminded me of how much fun movies can be and what I had been missing through all the death and and destruction and murder and rape of The Girl With The Dragon TattooThe Artist and Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Look, I know that I am an adult and I am going to see an animated children's film on a Sunday afternoon by myself. I get how that can be 'weird' or maybe I'm just 'committed'. I know that I can't be upset that there are kids in the theater who may or may not be talking too much or chomping their Sour Patch Kids too loud or breathing in a way that is unpleasant for me. I know that me going to see Tintin and not wanting kids to be there is like me going into the pool and not wanting to get wet. Somehow as the opening credits started I didn't care. Steve (that's what I call him, we're close friends) directed the sort of film that let's you block out everything around you and just enjoy. I don't know if kids understand how lucky their parents are to be able to enjoy Tintin and not have to sit through Kazaam. But I do, I've sat through both.