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Dream Job


Elitist. Hipster. Failure. Whatever. I'm always nervous of someone out there judging me hastily, so I'll get to the point. I love movie theaters. I love going to movie theaters. I love going to see a comedy with friends. I love sitting in a packed theater for a Pixar movie. I even love going to see 'Unknown' by myself on Thursday afternoon.


As all blogs start, this started out as an idea for a book (or maybe I have that backwards). After drawing up a mock budget we (myself and Nick Orsini) realized this free blog is more around our price range.


Through this I hope to share my love (and consequently, hate) for movie theaters or Movie Theatres or Cinema Houses or "The Movies". Oh, and also the effeminate, African American ticket taker from my home theater in Ohio that always says "Enjoy your show y'all", this is mostly for him.