REWIND: 40oz to Freedom


Name: ur mom

Message: What is your standard taco bell order? what are your reasons behind said taco bell order?

Hi Mom!

Just kidding, I know my mom isn’t capable of getting onto the internet and finding this site. ANYWAY, I am so glad you asked that question! While I don’t eat most meat, and I try to keep my fast food intake to a minimum, I have a not-so-secret Taco Bell addiction. In fact, my boyfriend recently caught me scooping liquid nacho cheese from TB into my mouth via finger. And he’s still with me, bless his heart!

So, my regular order(s)? Basically everything I get at Taco Bell is an attempt to recreate my favorite menu item ever, which is no longer available, the tostada. No meat, just beans, cheese, lettuce, red sauce, on a flat crunchy shell. Perfection. The cheese to lettuce to bean ratio was key. And of course, a side of nachos & cheese so I can get my liquid chemical fill. 2 tostadas with nachos and cheese is my favorite.

Alas, the tostada is no longer offered. Which angers me to the same extent the discontinuation of the stuffed pitas at Wendy’s in the early 200’s does. I guess chalupas and gorditas and crunchwraps became too popular; no one wants a tostada anymore. Or maybe they wanted to eliminate the boxes and move to only wrapping their food. That makes sense. So, what do I get now?

My regular is 2 soft tacos, beans instead of meat, hot sauce. A side of nachos and cheese allows me to dip the tacos into the cheese, because the chip to cheese ratio is totally off.

I also sometimes go for nachos bell grande, no meat, add lettuce, extra nacho cheese. Yes, I am a disgusting human being. If I didn’t inherit my father’s metabolism, I would be a very different person. But yay genetics! -T

P.S. Check out the new Cinnabon Delights at T-Bell. Soft cinnamon coated dough, filled with warm frosting. I get that with EVERY order now because they are heaven in my mouth.

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Sublime- 40 oz to Freedom: Taco Bell, late summer nights, drunk friends, and Sublime. These things all go together. I have so many memories of beach days that turned into long nights full of malt liquor that inevitably ended in the Te Amo parking lot in Merrick, inhaling Taco Bell we waited 15 minutes to get on the never-ending drive-thru line (yes, Long Island is kind of a nightmare). And no band, album, or song, is more synonymous than Sublime- 40 Oz to Freedom. 

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