The Skinny Beet Dinner Party - Episode One: Vegan Lite


We here at TMS love a dinner party. No seriously, we do. There's something about it that feels 'Old Hollywood', you know - sitting around a table and taking about food and music and art and making jokes.

When we first started talking to The Skinny Beet about what they would want to do for a show the idea was very simple. Let's sit people around a table, give them some food (don't worry, there's no chewing on mic) and let them talk. Co-hosted by our friends Richard Chudy (Boston Burger Blog) and Katie Barszcz (Small Boston Kitchen) The Skinny Beet Dinner Party aims to bring conversation to the table. Each episode finds our culinary conversationalists sitting down with butchers, bakers and occasionally a candle stick maker. 

In the premiere episode The Skinny Beet welcomes Dylan Wise to the dinner table, his own table actually. Dylan is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of as well as the host of Tell Me Something I Want To Hear and he is also a Leo. Interesting? Richard and Katie grill Dylan about his recent transformation into becoming... VEGAN! Dylan reads a letter. Beets shares her thoughts on the Boston Food Truck scene. And the table share about 10 minutes of plugs, it's a real thrill!  

We hope you enjoy this first episode and if you are interesting in being a guest or getting involved email 


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