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Three Ways To Help

Sponsorship: Become a part of our team by partnering with one of our great projects! Each project brings a unique and engaged audience for your company to reach. Sponsorship options include sponsorship spots at the top and middle of podcasts, banner ads, mentions in social media and even the opportunity for live events!

Sponsorship is available for the following projects:

  • The Skinny Beet
  • The Hour Cosmic
  • One Hundred Thousand
  • You Are Remarkable
  • The Projection List

 Donate: Public media plays a critical role in our society and culture. I mean, it's the internet! 

  • We promote public media: TMSDOTORG harnesses technology to reach new generations and diverse audiences with passion about the things we love.
  • We enable new voices: TMSDOTORG is an innovative, growing network of producers, writers, artists, makers and new voices to make an impact through broadcast and beyond.

TMSDOTORG is a small group with big ambitions. Your donation will help us continue to develop and create content and projects, and to provide broader access to public media.

For donations of $100 or more, we'll happily send along a pretty dope T-shirt.


TMSDOTORG is not a 501(c)(3) charity and donations are not tax-deductible.

Share: The best way to support what we are doing (beyond throwing us a couple bucks :) is to share it with the world. Every Tweet, Facebook Update, Tumblr Post, Double Tap on Instagram helps spread the word. We appreciate all of it! You can find us online in the following places below. 

Thank you for your support!