ALL NEW Episode 24: A Frank Gorshin Kind of Mood with Erica Henderson

Image by JoJo Seames; Logo by Tim Daniel

Image by JoJo Seames; Logo by Tim Daniel

Welcome to the all-new Hour Cosmic! What was previously your favorite comic book chat show is now your favorite comic book game show! The show is a production of Multiversity Comics and Tell Me Something.

This week, host Chad Bowers challenges co-host Matthew Meylikhov and our favorite guest host Walter Richardson, as well as special guest Erica Henderson (artist on the upcoming "Subatomic Party Girls" from Monkeybrain Comics), to a battle of the wits. There will be laughs, there will be tears, there will be blood!

Well, maybe not two of those. But there are certainly laughs!

Also, please fund Erica's Kickstarter!

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