Episode 1: Lobster Genre

THE HOUR COSMIC! They live! They walk! They conquer!

Introducing for you: a brand new podcast, brought to you by the lovely folks at Multiversity Comics and Tell Me Something!

Hosted by Brian Salvatore, Chad Bowers and Matthew Meylikhov, The Hour Cosmic is a brand new podcast updated bi-weekly, discussing all things comic related.

Each show will find the tenacious trio forming their own little Book Club in which they recommend comics they're currently reading before launching into Weekly Discussions and ending with Listener Questions.  

Who? Or what, is the newest, most breath-taking, most sensational podcast of all...?

And hey, you never know what else is to come in the future. As Gatsbys American Dream once said, "We've got plans. Wicked plans." ARE THEY MEN, OR MONSTERS... OR BOTH?

In this 90 thrilling minute special for a GIANT-SIZE HOUR COSMIC introduction episode, you'll meet your new favorite hosts and hear their choices for the first ever Hour Cosmic Book Club, as well as a discussion of their hopes and dreams for 2012. And just wait until you hear the first ever listener question, produced without having aired a single episode!

(For reference, future episodes will be an hour, and 100% cosmic.)