Episode 10: Off the Cape


THE HOUR COSMIC! When podcasters walk the Earth!

Welcome back to THE HOUR COSMIC!, brought to you by the lovely folks at Multiversity Comics and Tell Me Something. Hosted by Brian Salvatore, Chad Bowers and Matthew Meylikhov, The Hour Cosmic is here with the 10th episode, a special look at some of our favorite non-superhero comics!
Chad, Matt and Brian discuss three picks each for what we enjoy outside of the capes and tights genre.  We also hear from some folks via Twitter and, as a special bonus, Matt tells a joke.  
You can contact the show by e-mailing us at thehourcosmic@tellmesomething.org or tweeting us with the hashtag #TheHourCosmic at either @brianneedsanap@chadbowers or @mattisnotarobot. We look forward to hearing from you!