Episode 5: Embrace Your Youth with Joe Keatinge

THE HOUR COSMIC! When podcasters walk the Earth! 

Welcome back to THE HOUR COSMIC!, brought to you by the lovely folks at Multiversity Comics and Tell Me Something. Hosted by Brian Salvatore, Chad Bowers and Matthew Meylikhov, The Hour Cosmic returns for its fifth bi-weekly update to discuss all things comic related. 

This week, we welcome our first ever guest, Joe Keatinge, writer of "Hell Yeah!" and "Glory" for Image Comics.  We chat with Joe about his books, what we've been reading, and what characters we would like to see resurrected for new series.

We strongly encourage you to send us suggestions of what you'd like to hear us dramatically read or parody, either by emailing us directly at thehourcosmic@tellmesomething.org or tweeting us with the hashtag #thehourcosmic at either @brianneedsanap, @chadbowers, or @mattisnotarobot.  We look forward to hearing from you!

When the old podcasts died, there arose The Hour Cosmic!

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