Episode 58: Where's Carl? with Art Baltazar and Franco

Welcome to another installment of The Hour Cosmic, your favorite comics game show! This week, our guests are the men behind "Aw Yeah Comics," Art Baltazar and Franco!

On this week’s show, among other things, we discuss:

- The perks of owning your own comics store!
- Superman III vs Superman IV: The Quest for Peace!
- The machinations of the Aw Yeah-verse!

Let's meet our guest, shall we?

Art Baltazar and Franco are the brains behind "Aw Yeah Comics," as well as being the champions of all-ages comics the world over. After getting their start self-publishing comics, they rose to prominence when they launched "Tiny Titans" in the spring of 2008, which was co-written by the pair and illustrated by Baltazar. They also wrote a number of DC's all-ages titles, such as "Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam" and "Young Justice." They recently just wrapped up both "Superman Family Adventures" and "The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires" for DC, and are bringing "Tiny Titans" back as a six issue miniseries later this year. They also publish their own series, "Aw Yeah Comics," own their own comic shops, Aw Yeah Comics (in Skokie, IL) and Alter-Ego Comics (c0-owned with Mark Waid in Muncie, IN), and are two of the nicest guys you'll ever find. You can find Franco at Blindwolf Studios and on Twitter (@awyeahfranco), Art at his website and on Twitter (@artbaltazar), and you can check out all things Aw Yeah here. Also, listen to their podcast (after you listen to ours, obviously).

As always, your hosts are:

Brian Salvatore – New Jerseyan, New York Mets enthusiast, host of “Input/Output,” a music podcast, and occasional blogger/freelance writer. He has never met a dog he didn’t like (even that one that bit his leg when he was 10), and has baked better bread than he ever thought possible.

Chad Bowers – South Carolinian, GI Joe enthusiast, co-writer of “Subatomic Party Girls" “Down Set Fight,” and “Awesome Hospital” with Chris Sims, and writer of “Monster Plus.” He teaches us cool expressions like “Oh, snakes!” and has a lot of opinions about barbeque.

Matthew Meylikhov – Bostonian, cat and beard enthusiast, co-writer of “Detective Space Cat” with Colin Bell, writer of “Morning Glories Babies,” "Morning Glories Academy Study Hall" (both backmatter for the Image Comics series "Morning Glories") and “Control,” and letterer extraordinaire. He reads more comics than anyone on the planet, and has sworn off White Castle for life.

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