Episode 206: Ms. Blue


There have been several occasions that I have regretted things, not punching the President of my college in the nards on graduation day is probably at the top of the list. Or at least I should have said thank you in a snarky way. But the thing that I don't regret (that I feel most people do) is getting tattoos. I think the idea that tattoos are for hard asses and criminals is gone, there's no doubt. But when I went in for my interview yesterday in Boston (that's right world, Boston) I made sure to wear a shirt that would cover up any of the tattoos I had.

I am kind of obsessed with tattoos as an artform and a way of expression and thought there is no one better to talk to about this than Ms. Blue over at Infinite Art in Toledo. We chat after I got my "piano" finished and talk about everything, most noteably we figure out the secret to my interviewing technique, that I don't have one. Oh, and here's her website.