New Video

I guess my dream is to never stop making things. I have nightmares that I am a guy who goes to work and comes home and eats dinner and goes to bed. I am intead making "one shot" music videos for every song on Volume Six: Sell Everything. "One Shot" is exactly what it sounds like, I get one shot to make something fun. It's a lot like how I make my records and even my podcast. One chance friend. Many say it's because I'm lazy, this could be true. I happen to think that I am an artist pioneering the craft of the one shot. I don't like going back and making everything perfect. My friend Biggins said "the way it is on the album, even if it sounds muddy or gross or stupid is the way it is supposed to be, because it's there. I mean why not?" So here is the first video for a song called "There Is No Money For You Here", shot in my home studio where there is clearly no money for me there. Made it this afternoon because... why not?