Bonus Episode: Velouria with Joshua Hale Fialkov

Welcome to the first bonus episode of The Hour Cosmic, with our pal Joshua Hale Fialkov!

Josh was supposed to join his "The Life After" partner Gabo on the podcast on Monday, but couldn't make it, so we invited him on for a bonus episode!

Josh joins Brian to talk about:

- Middle names!
- His obsession with the end of days!
- The Pixies!

In case you've forgotten...

Joshua Hale Fialkov is a 13-year veteran of working in the sequential arts, currently writing the "The Life After" and "The Bunker" for Oni Press, and is about to launch "The Devillers" for Dynamite. He is wrapping up his run on "Ultimate FF" for Marvel. In the past, Josh has written "I, Vampire" for DC, "Alpha: Big Time" for Marvel, "Last of the Greats" for Image, as well as the Eisner nominated "Tumor" for Archaia and the Harvey nominated "Echoes" for Top Cow and "Elk's Run" for Villard. He has a website, a Facebook fan page, and can be followed on Twitter (@JoshFialkov).

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